Stark Fit

Workouts Streamed Live & On-Demand

Stuck at home?

You can still get an AMAZING workout in the comfort of your home – with zero equipment!

Introducing Stark Fit – the Peleton for Sexercise.

Stark Fit is live stream & on-demand Sexercise classes designed by certified fitness trainers to help you crush your fitness goals.

Get physical with workouts for every body streamed to your desktop, tablet or mobile device -- anytime, anywhere.

Take cardio, strength, core and more with no equipment.

Each class is delivered by a fitness coach who delivers a fun workout that’s easy for you to follow in real time.

Workouts For Every Body

Stark Fit workouts are designed for every fitness level.

Take a beginner cardio class if you're new to exercise or join an intermediate or advanced 7-minute strength workout if you're more used to physical activity.

New sessions are posted every week.

You can stream some of our free workouts to your favorite device and follow along to give Stark Fit a try.

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Naked Workouts

Feeling frisky? You can participate in naked workouts too!

Our coaches strip down to deliver naked workouts for some Stark Fit classes.

To watch and participate in a naked workout session, you must be part of our community.

You can sign up for our newsletter and then choose one of our affordable memberships to access live stream & on-demand naked workouts.