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What is Sexercise?

Combine sex + exercise with healthy eating to stay fit, improve your relationship, and feel happier.

Flex your sex

Enjoy better sex and stay in shape with positions that double as exercise

Better together

Get physical with couples' workouts that keep you motivated to stay active

Eat smart

Cook healthy foods that taste great, cut calories, and give you energy for more Sexercise

Workout at home with us

Watch video previews for every fitness level

Better Together

Sweat together & stay together with fun couples’ workouts

Coregasm Workouts

Core exercises for ab workouts that feel good too

HIIT the Bedroom

Fitness fun that combines sex + the 7-minute

Stark Fit

Live stream & on-demand workouts

Stark Fit

Workouts streamed live & on-demand.
Take cardio, strength, core and more with zero equipment.

Start losing weight — and keep it off

1-on-1 fitness training, weight loss support and sex advice for gay guys


Training programs designed for you by a certified Personal Trainer


A food plan, customized for you by a Registered Dietitian


Gay sex & relationship advice from a Psychotherapist

Naked news & entertainment

Stay informed 24/7 with our blog, live stream & on-demand shows

Weekend Sexercise

Fitness advice, gay sex tips and LGBT movies to watch at home

B* Deep

A weekly review of fitness porn videos and films with a Sexercise theme

Naked in the Kitch

Learn how to make tasty foods that give you more energy for better workouts and an active sex life


Exclusive sexercise tips & advice from our sex therapist, fitness trainer and dietitian

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