love2lose Editorial Policy

Overview produces and publishes health information about Sexercise.

Sexercise is a lifestyle program that provides couples with ways to combine sex and exercise with healthy food choices to keep fit, have fun and maintain happiness.

A one-stop destination for accurate, timely and trusted Sexercise information, produces a variety of photo, video and text content about sex, fitness and nutrition--and how they combine to help couples live a healthy lifestyle. supports our vision to encourage people of all ages to live a happier and healthier life through Sexercise. Our ability to achieve this vision depends on the trust of our readers.

The trust of our readers is of utmost importance. To gain and maintain that trust, monitors and enforces a transparent editorial policy to guide the research, development, production and publication of health information on this website.

The following editorial policy outlines our principles, policies and procedures for content production.

Original Content is the author and publisher of original content about the Sexercise lifestyle. Content can appear in the form of video, text articles and photos.

The objective of our content production is public education. We want to make the science of Sexercise fun and easy to understand. In order to accomplish this, our content will provide analysis and interpretation of complex problems, such as the obesity/overweight epidemic, and present information to you in plain language. We will also convert sexology, fitness and nutrition research study results into patient-friendly resources that are easy to understand.

Some content pieces will provide demonstrations and general health information. Other materials will feature investigative and analytical information that includes interpretation of previous sexology, fitness and nutrition research, as well as public health policy.

A content framework to guide how we package and report Sexercise content was created in consultation with our certified fitness consultant and a team of senior research scientists in the fields of sexology, nutrition and science.

Our content framework requires that we publish science-based information about Sexercise. That means you can trust that health information we report is based on credible research studies, published in peer-reviewed medical and science journals.

Content Development

Content development is a team effort at love2lose. We host regular story meetings with our team of health writers and senior scientists in the areas of sexology, fitness and nutrition to brainstorm story ideas.

Most of the time, a story will be assigned to a certified health practitioner (fitness trainer, nutritionist or sexologist) who will research, write and review the content before it is published on the website. When a story is assigned to a health writer, our policy requires the content undergo a medical review by the appropriate certified health practitioner or science consultant on our team before appearing online.

Publishing Principles

All content published on must adhere to the following principles:

Accuracy and truth

We will publish the truth. All forms of content will contain facts and we will correct errors and omissions when they are brought to our attention.

Attribution and plagiarism

Health claims and research findings reported in all forms of content published on the website will be evidenced based. The source (author/researcher and publication) of any facts, figures, analysis or recommendations we report will be provided. We do not encourage or condone acts of plagiarism by our editorial staff.

Fair representation

From time to time, we will interview individuals, couples, research participants, scientists, sexologists, nutritionists, fitness trainers, physicians and health professionals to create original Sexercise content. The opinion, position and/or recommendation(s) of everyone we interview will be presented accurately. Quotes and/or sound bites obtained from an interview will be used in context to prevent misrepresentation.


We will verify information before publishing it and ensure content is balanced with opposing scientific points of view.

No conflict of interest

We will ensure sponsors, advertisers, partners and other commercial entities we do business with do not influence our content production.

Editorial staff and science consultants involved in content production must fully disclose any potential conflict of interest with any sponsors or vendors.

Reader Comments uses a feedback forum and several social media platforms to initiate, monitor and manage online conversations about Sexercise.

Social media

We respect and encourage freedom of expression and reserve the right to remove offensive comments from our social media pages. Sexist, racist, homophobic and/or other forms of derogatory commentary will be removed from our social media pages.

Online comments

Our members can post comments directly on videos and articles published on While feedback is welcomed and encouraged, sexist, racist, homophobic and/or other forms of derogatory commentary will be removed from our web pages.

Sponsored Content/Advertorial

Content created by corporate sponsors and/or advertisers will be clearly identified so readers can distinguish original content from promotional material.

Authors of sponsored content/advertorials must comply with editorial policies at all times.

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