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Your love life has more fitness benefits than you know -- yet fitness programs don't count sex as a workout.

We're building a Sexercise community.

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What is Sexercise?

Combine sex + exercise with healthy eating to stay fit, improve your relationship, and feel happier.

Flex your sex

Have better sex and stay in shape with positions that double as exercise

Better together

Get physical with couples' workouts that ramp up sex drive and keep you motivated to stay active

Eat smart

Discover healthy foods that taste great, cut calories, and give you energy for better performance

Stop working out alone

Sweat together with fitness videos featuring workouts designed for two

Better Together

Get physical with body weight workouts for couples

Coregasm Workouts

Core workouts at the gym and home for people who get turned on from ab exercise

Stark Fit

Live stream & on-demand weekly  workouts

Better Together

Fitness in fun when you pair up. Watch fitness videos with home bodyweight workouts and HIIT workouts two people can enjoy.

Sexercise with the daily flow of life

Discover the fitness benefits in your sex life watching our live stream & on-demand shows

Weekend Sexercise

Find your happy place with fitness advice, sex tips & movies to watch at home


Learn what to eat before a workout plus foods for better sexual health & performance

Love2Lose Live

Health, fitness, sex and technology news with a Sexercise twist

Love2Lose Live

Learn how to make a Yogurt Parfait for breakfast and why it's good for your sex life.

We're building a Sexercise community

Get updates, exclusive fitness tips & sex advice, plus a free Sexercise eBook